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moviefic_100's Journal

Movie Fanfic 100
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Welcome to the Movie100 a fanfiction challenge *yes another one* where you claim your movie and write 100 fanfics on it. What's the catch? You have write them using my list of prompts, doesn't matter what order, so long as you use them. If you'd like to make a claim you can either comment to the first post in the community or email me at CrimsonRaven719@aol.com once a claim is taken no one else can have it. If you are not active during the first month you will automatically be deleted from the claims list so make sure you post! Also the mods for this community are myself Fake_Lipstick and one of my best friends Annacamefirst aka MightyMyaofEvil *I think that's what it is anyway lol*


~ No flaming, play nice everyone.
~ When you post a fic post it like this:

Subject Title: Name of the fic and the prompt #

Rating: *use the movie rating scale*
Prompt: *tell what the prompt number and word(s) is*
Warnings: *anything that might offend anyone*
Summary: *this is optional*

Please post behind an LJ cut if you don't know how just use this format:
<**lj-cut text="Title Here"**>Post story here<**/lj-cut text**>

Just take out all the *'s first and it should work.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show- fake_lipstick
Donny Darko- dyingforyourluv

Prompt List (sorry I don't know any fancy HTML to get this into a table):

1. Dream
2. Hero
3. Rain
4. Shiver
5. Silk
6. Butterfly
7. Freedom
8. Dark
9. Candle
10. Red
11. Lip print
12. Photograph
13. Black and White
14. Dancing
15. Just an Act
16. Shooting Star
17. Blue
18. Clouds
19. Crash
20. Surprised
21. Sensual
22. Patience
23. Annoyed
24. Chained
25. Stung
26. Spring
27. Midnight
28. Rose
29. Drop of Blood
30. Save Me
31. Smile
32. Pink
33. Bubbles
34. Cost
35. Lost Calls
36. Screaming
37. Betrayal
38. Unexpected
39. Curiosity
40. Addiction
41. Eyes
42. Caught It On Tape
43. Waving Goodbye
44. Jealousy
45. Playful
46. Snowfall
47. Warmth
48. Starry Skies
49. Crashing Waves
50. Laughter
51. Let Go
52. Only One
53. Lights Out
54. New
55. Stop
56. Bow Tie
57. High Heels
58. Musical Note
59. Funny Face
60. Birthday
61. Heads or Tails
62. Game of Chance
63. Passing Notes
64. Car Ride
65. Stranded
66. Falling Down
67. Shattered Mirrors
68. Nightmare
69. Tragic Smile
70. Innocent
71. Without You
72. New Day
73. Memories
74. Pulled Out of a Bag
75. Movie Night
76. Snow Globe
77. Twist
78. Grass
79. Ice
80. Out to Eat
81. Blow-Dry
82. Forgotten
83. Use the line "Don't tell me what to do!"
84. Truth
85. Sickness
86. Camping
87. Raven
88. Spoiled
89. Writen on the Mirror
90. Silence
91. Use no dialogue in this one.
92. Use only dialogue in this one.
93. Graveyard
94. Cooking
95. Catch me if you can
96. Use the line "You loose I win"
97. Best Friends
98. Stuck in Traffic
99. Happy Ending
100. Authors Choice